Adsense Gets A Major User Interface Overhaul

Navneet Kaushal By: Navneet Kaushal

After the AdSense was originally launched in the year 2003, there have been only a few noticeable changes in the AdSense user interface and addition of new account overview page is one of them.

AdSense has recently announced the brand new user interface for publishers at Content Revenue Strategies. It will initially start as a closed beta, but if you have CRS, you can directly go to the optimization area to get yourself on the whitelist for closed beta.

There is an inbox in the user interface where you will find messages and tips from the AdSense team. This particular feature has been added after the request of publishers. As there is an increase in the phishing emails related to AdSense and AdWords, the feature will prove to be really useful.

Here are some other features of the Publisher Interface:

  • After you will login, you will see running totals on the right hand side of the page. It will not only include your total for that particular day but also the total revenue generated after the last payment.
  • There are many graphs on the page with metrics including: page impressions, clicks, page eCPM and page CTR.
  • The interface also has many help topics. Therefore, it you have any question related to specific metrics on the page, you can refer the help link for further information.

You can get more information about the new interface on Google AdSense blog.


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