Google AdWords Traffic Estimator Given Overhaul

Navneet Kaushal By: Navneet Kaushal

In an attempt to refine the statistics on estimated clicks, cost, and ad position for its AdWords users, Google recently announced some changes in the algorithm that is responsible for providing traffic estimates in AdWords.

This change is effective immediately and applies to all AdWords accounts globally.

Google AdWords users can now find keyword traffic estimates across a number of places in AdWords including the Traffic Estimator, the Keyword Tool, as well as on the Keywords tab.

Though details on the algorithmic changes haven’t been provided by Google, Dan Friedman wrote on Google’s Inside AdWords blog:

One of the most common uses of traffic estimates is to evaluate potential keywords and decide whether you should add them to your account. Traffic estimates are also useful in determining if your bids and budgets are appropriate for these new keywords.

So next time you use the Traffic Estimator you can enter a few different values in the Max CPC field and find out if you have set a suitable target bid. Based on the statistics generated by Traffic Estimator you can determine a suitable bid value that will get you best returns on investments.

Apart from this it can also help you decide on the best keyword strategy for your SEO campaigns.


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