Google Plans to Take on Newspapers With New Circulars Ads

Rene LeMerle By: Rene LeMerle

Bloomberg reports that search giant Google is collaborating with Best Buy, Macy’s, and other retailers to develop “web-based circular ads” similar to the ad inserts you see in the major newspapers.

This news comes just as Google’s Nick Foxx said during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mixx conference that circular ads are a billion dollar market and Google’s circular ads are the answer to those who want a smooth transition from a paper-based ads to digital ads.

Foxx also said that Google will soon be rolling out a marketing campaign that will include both internet and print advertising.

Since most of the searches these days are mobile and location based, location-based search ads can help searchers find what they are looking for and Google hopes the circular ads will help even further as they can be personalized by location and query. As soon as the users click on the search or display ads they will see large, multiple pictures in a pop-up screen.

For example, if you’re in New York looking for a camera on sale, a search of Google will provide an ad which when clicked will link through to Best Buy’s weekly ad and you will see an ad designed especially for you. Since your location is known and search query is known, the most relevant products are displayed front and center in response to your search.

Noticing that search advertising is rapidly evolving with the aid of videos, images and visually appealing text, Google has been using newer ad formats from the beginning of the year, so this leap into circular ads is a natural progression.

One feature of the circular ads that is sure to attract offline and online advertisers is that it will supports desktop, mobile and tablet devices. However the big question that remains is will this modern, full-page online advertising strategy work wonders for the traditional offline retailers? I guess we will wait and see.


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