Facebook Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads: Which Should You Choose? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kari Rippetoe By: Kari Rippetoe

If you’re like many marketers, you may have wondered about the value of social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and even viewed it with a bit of skepticism. You may be asking questions like, Do people actually click on them?, and the all important, $64,000 question, Will I actually see ROI from social media advertising? These are not uncommon questions, but the fact is there’s actually a growing trend towards paid social media advertising. In fact, a recent Nielsen report showed that 75% of advertisers are using paid social media advertising, and 64% are increasing their budgets in 2013. And here at Search Mojo, we have actually seen where social media ads have delivered not only clicks, but conversions.

Are you convinced yet?

If you’re still a bit skeptical about the efficacy of social media ads, consider this: they could actually be more effective at generating leads and conversions than PPC keyword search advertising. The targeting capabilities of social media ads, compared to even the most niche keyword, can help you yield more better quality leads. LinkedIn Ads, for instance, are particularly effective for B2B brands because ads can be targeted to very specific job titles, geographic locations, business interest groups, and even companies – something covered in more detail in the webinar LinkedIn Advertising: The Key to More (and Better) B2B Leads.

Facebook Ads offer very granular targeting as well, including interest targeting based on not only specific hobbies and interests (like cats or snowboarding), but TV shows, movies, bands, music genres and Page Likes for other brands. Think about if you were a local restaurant near a concert venue, and a particular band were playing at that venue. You could target an ad to people located in your city or region who are fans of that band – people who would more than likely be going to the concert, and may be looking for a place to grab some dinner beforehand.

Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads – which should you choose?

This will depend on your target market and goals. LinkedIn Advertising is typically used for B2B audiences only, since it’s a business social network for professionals. Facebook Ads, on the other hand, is more suitable for B2C audiences; however, professionals have personal lives, too, and there are ways to target your advertising to a B2B audience on Facebook.

If you’re still unsure of which social network to advertise on, this handy infographic might help you choose:

Search Mojo Social Advertising Infographic Facebook Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads: Which Should You Choose? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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